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Bumps in the Night Kickstarter Fundraiser

Pagan Publishing is a small but award-winning publisher of role-playing games, specializing in books and supplements for the Call of Cthulhu role-playing game. They have completed work on a new collection of five game scenarios entitled "Bumps in the Night" written by John H. Crowe III. All five scenarios use the Call of Cthulhu Basic Role Playing mechanics, but none of them are based on the Cthulhu Mythos. Instead the players will have to face obscure horrors from the world of myth and folklore. At 120 pages, "Bumps in the Night" is beautifully illustrated by Rick Sardinha, Heather Hudson, Samuel Araya and Rhonda Libby. It will be produced as a 8.5" x 11" softcover, with glossy color exteriors and grisly grayscale interior artwork.

I mentioned the possibility to pre-order Bumps in the Night in a earlier post. After some customer pre-orders Pagan still needed to raise another $2,500 dollars to cover the rest of the printing and shipping to their warehouse. Well, they got that within 24 hours and more. And more. The counter of the Bumps in the night Kickstarter Fundraiser currently stands at $9486 causing Adam Scott Glancy to add the following reaction:

To say that I was surprised to see that you, Pagan's fans, met our fund-raising goal of $2,500.00 in less than 12 hours would be a bit of an understatement. By the end of our first day I was running out of words to describe how shocked I was by the generosity of our fans and by the good-will Pagan Publishing still has. Three days in and I am speechless.

Of course, since exceeding our fund-raising goals was not a subject I put any thought into, I have been playing a bit of catch up on this subject. Every time I think "I'll add a reward for everyone when we hit the $4K mark," suddenly we've passed the $4K mark. Okay, I'll add the new reward when we hit $5K...


$5K is in my tail-lights.



We've got the $6K goal splashed all over our grill. Clearly I'm going to have to add the rewards and not worry about the pledge levels because you folks are exceeding my expectations faster than I can conceive them.

So let's begin by offering a couple of new rewards to EVERYONE who has pledged.

Everyone who pledged to this project will now receive two pdfs. The first pdf will be a collection of all the player handouts, floor-plans and maps for the scenarios in Bumps in the Night. That will save you from having to stretching the spine of the book photocopying those pages for your players.

The second pdf will be a set of pre-generated characters that I created for running the scenario "The Vengeful Dead" at game conventions. Your players may enjoy using them or maybe you can use them to fill out the guests at the resort if your players prefer to roll up their own characters.

However, that does not cover any so-called Stretch Goals, that is new aspects or enhancements for a project that can be added as new pledge levels are achieved. I won't add anything to Bumps in the Night that might delay the book going to press. I also don't want to collect funds for a project that cannot be immediately sent to press (or at least isn't extremely close to completion). Therefore the only Pagan project that could qualify as being ready to go sans an infusion of cash is the softcover edition of Delta Green: Targets of Opportunity. However, it requires a great deal of cash. To print and ship it would be (as per my last print bid) another $8,740.00 And that doesn't include paying the artists, the writers and the licensing fees.

So, I am hesitant to make the funding of Delta Green: Targets of Opportunity a stretch goal for this fundraiser. My inclination is to take any money over and above our goals for Bumps in the Night and put into a nice warm savings account, so that when we do a fundraiser for Delta Green: Targets of Opportunity, soon after this Kickstarter ends, then we'll just have that much less money to raise. I feel this would be less confused and allow for a package of backers' rewards that are tailored for a Delta Green product.

Nevertheless, none of this would be possible without you, Pagans fans and backers. So I am certainly willing to entertain any suggestions you have. Would you prefer a separate Kickstarter or would you prefer to try and pile on the momentum of this one and build it to a two-for-one fundraiser? I'm also interested in any suggestions you folks might have for additional rewards you might be interested in. Certainly there are playtest notes that could be shared. There are other Pagan Publishing books that could be mailed out with your copy of Bumps in the Night. None of these possibilities would be here if it wasn't for your generosity so I am open to any suggestions you might care to offer.

RPG Goodies February

I've been out of the country for a few weeks so this one is looong overdue!

Paizo Publishing

  • Pathfinder Player Companion: Pirates of the Inner Sea provides you with an in-depth overview of six major pirate organizations in the Inner Sea region, including the government-backed privateers of Andoran, the slavers of Okeno, the high-seas buccaneers of Riddleport and the Shackles, and the quick-moving brigands of the River Kingdoms, pages of new pirate weapons and equipment, from hook hands, cutlasses, and tar bombs to peg legs, treasure chests, and grog, new pirate archetypes, the Inner Sea pirate prestige class, and much more...

  • Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Distant Worlds provides you with gazetteers of every planet and major moon in Golarion’s system, from the steamy jungles of Castrovel and the machine-ruled rock of Aballon to post-apocalyptic Eox and divided Verces, where one side is always day and the other night, introductions to the major cultures inhabiting the system, adventure hooks for every world, brand-new alien monsters, and more ...

  • In Jade Regent Adventure Path book 6 - The empty throne revolution brews in the empire of Minkai as the people take up arms to throw off the yoke of their unnatural oni masters. With the populace rising, the heroes lay siege to the capital of the empire, the ancient city of Kasai. There, they must discover the secrets of emperors past and seek the aid of ageless beings, gathering all the allies they can for a final assault on the bastion of the murderous Jade Regent. Will the heroes and their companions be able to bring an end to the warlord’s tyranny? Or will Minkai remain locked in the grip of true evil? Confront the powers of destiny and shape the fate of a nation in this, the exciting final chapter of the Jade Regent Adventure Path.

Wizards of the Coast

  • The masked witches is the fourth installment of the Brotherhood of the Griffon series following The Captive Flame, Whisper of Venom, and The Spectral Blaze all written by Richard Lee Byers. In The masked witches Aoth Fezim and his mercenary company have restored their tarnished reputation and attracted new recruits for their depleted ranks. But they still have one big problem. Too many griffon mounts were killed in the battles in Thay Chessenta. If “the Brotherhood of the Griffon” is to be more than a name, new mounts must be found. As it happens, the Wychlaran in Rashemen have griffons available to a worthy few who can slay the undead that are committing atrocities throughout the land. Aoth volunteers his band, as do other groups who are in the market for griffons, including Company Bez. But things are not as they seem. Epic battles between rival sellswords, berserkers, and aerial skyships punctuate this whirlwind tale set in a barbaric land of oracles, nature spirits, and talking animals.

  • Heroes of the Elemental Chaos is the definitive sourcebook for creating and playing characters with ties to the Elemental Chaos and the primordial beings that dwell there. It shows how the elements can influence heroes of the natural world and presents elemental-themed character options for players. In addition to discussing elemental power and presenting new character themes with strong story hooks, this book includes new class builds -- including the elementalist and the sha'ir -- and new feats and paragon paths designed to tie existing characters more closely to the Elemental Chaos.


  • The third edition of Cthulhu by Gaslight has been thoroughly revamped, expanding the book by nearly 50% and adding new material roughly equivalent to the original book’s length. We have more thoroughly developed the Victorian England setting. Character creation has been reworked, with some new wrinkles added, and there are new articles on the Victorian world, crime, politics, personalities, and so forth. There are also extensive new sections on the Cthulhu Mythos in Britain -- creatures, cults, books, etc. -- including a prĂ©cis of Ramsey Campbell’s Severn River Valley. Also included are tips on running various types of Gaslight era campaigns, a gazetteer of intriguing British myths and legends, a selection of friends and foes from Victorian fiction, and a lengthy new bibliography/filmography of suggested reading and viewing. Rounding out this new edition are a pair of new Victorian era scenarios -- one an urban adventure set in London, the other set in rural Dartmoor.

zondag 25 maart 2012

Free RPG day - 16th of June 2012

Another free RPG day coming up. Below you'll find what's in the packages :

* Amarillo Design Bureau
Sample (1 per box), Prime Directive Adventure, "Space Colony Aldorado"
* Blue Panther
Sample (1 per box), Dice Tower
* Catalyst Game Labs
Gold (10 ber box), A Time of War: BattleTech RPG/Shadowrun Quickstart flipbook
* Catalyst Game Labs
Gold (10 ber box), Cosmic Patrol RPG Quickstart
* Chessex
Silver, 4 Commerative Dice For Store Owner
* Columbia Games
Platinum (15 per box), Harn Quickstart with world map
* Dice Candies
Sample (1 per box), Set of 6 chocolate polyhedral dice
* Eden Studios
Silver (5 per box), Conspiracy X Quickstart & Adventure
* Fantasy Flight Games
Gold (10 per box), TBA
* Gaming Paper
Sample (1 per box), TBA Pathfinder Adventure
* Goodman Games
Bronze (3 per box), DCC RPG Quickstart
* Jon Brazer Enterprises
Bronze (3 per box), Pathfinder, "Shadowsfall: Temple of Orcus"
* Louis Porter Jr. Design
Bronze (3 per box), NeoExodus Pathfinder Adventure
* OffWorld Designs
Sample (1 per box), "Ask me about Free RPG Day" T-Shirt (XL) for employees.
* Paizo
Platinum (15 per box), Pathfinder Adventure, Dawn of the Scarlet Sun
* Pamean Games
Sample (1 per box), Brass & Steel Quickstart
* Q-Workshop
Gold (10 per box), Unique Dice
* Signal Fire Studios
Sample (1 per box), Metamorphosis Alpha Preview
* Troll Lord Games
Bronze (3 per box), C&C Adventure
* Wizards of the Coast
Platinum (15 per box), TBA

For those living in Belgium, you can head over to the Oberonn, a gaming store in Hasselt, who will be participating in the event again this year.

Campaigns & Adventures: Pathfinder - Session 3 : Aching for Absalom

~ Oathday, 4 Rova, 4711 AR ~

It's already noon when Henricus is finally woken up by accordion music coming from Reidan's cabin. A bell rings on deck. Don't these people ever sleep ? Hearing Henricus stumble through his cabin, Reidan comes over with a very strong brandy. One shot is enough to convince Henricus to leave brandy to the dwarves. Reidan isn't aware of any changes in the condition of the girl the crew fished out of the water last night, so Henricus decides to get dressed and check with the captain.

The captain also reports no changes in the girl's condition. Herkul van Poros said she had a number of bruises, but no visible wounds. The captain also informs him the girl is under guard since the crew is quite superstitious about having a woman on board. The trip will last another day and with some luck, they should arrive in Absalom's harbor this evening. Henricus decides to check out the girl's room and indeed finds a guard who also reports no activity inside the room. Listening at the door doesn't bring much news either.

Henricus then decides to return to his cabin and work some more on the sketch he started the night before. After a few hours one of the cabin boys informs him that Absalom will be reached that evening so he decides to check out the situation on deck. It has started raining so Henricus joins the captain for a moment who tells him about Absalom's harbor area.

Henricus moves towards the front of the ship where an old sailor is telling the cabin boys stories about Aroden and Azlant. During his stories the ship is maneuvering through several big rocks sprouting from the sea on which remains of a tower can be seen, Azlanti architecture according to the sailor.

Near Harbormaster's Grange, the ship waits for a pilot to maneuver through the Flotsam graveyard. Fort Tempest and Starwatch Keep loom over the sea from their vantage point on top of the rocks. While several fishing boats pass by, the pilot, a muscular black man in pirate dress, including earrings and golden teeth boards the Trident, shows the captain his documents and takes over the helm to guide the ship through the naval graveyard.

Henricus looks on in awe when the Trident glides amidst the wreckage of ships. They pass a wreck splintered on the rocks, still partly above water, with metal cages sporting skeletons dangling from one of the masts. This coupled with the old sailor's story about the different sieges that occurred in decades past makes it an awe inspiring moment for Henricus. And then the numerous lights of the docks district come into view.

Then suddenly in between the rocks and wreckage, Henricus catches a glimpse of a hippocampus with a rider, Absalom's sea cavalry. Moments later a griffon with rider glides through the air and circles the ship. Then the Trident finally docks and Henricus sets foot on Absalom's shore. The docks area is a melting pot of colors, smells, and cultures as Henricus looks around for a city official to point him towards a messenger service. Once that has been located, he sends a runner riding an axebeak towards Scion Lord Celedo of House Morilla, to inform him of his arrival. Then he and Reidan look for a quiet place to get some food and spend the night.

While walking through the docks area, Henricus checks out the different inns, one is even in the form of a ship built on top of a tower. Reidan guides him to a quiet plaza with a few more classy inns. Henricus leaves his horse in the stables and checks in for a meal and one night's stay. After the meal Reidan and Henricus take a bath and a stroll through the docks area. Close to the inn there's a tavern complex in the basements of a housing block where some gambling and drinking is going on. After playing some cards, city guards arrive to break up a brawl and it becomes clear to Henricus that the guards are not to be messed with. About two hours after midnight, they return to the inn. In a few hours, adventure awaits.

Memorable moments of roleplay
  • Henricus listening at the door of the girl's room, hearing creaking noises. After a surprised look on my part, the DM added: The ship's creaking.
  • The DM asks if I know something about 'Asland' after which I start thinking where on earth (literally) that would be located. It took me a while to figure out he meant Azlant in Golarion.
  • The pilot boarding the ship. If Mongoose would publish The Quintessential Pirate, this guy would be on the cover.
  • Henricus looking for a city official and when the DM starts describing one with Qadiran traits, he goes : Never mind, I look for another one. The next one described by the DM had blonde hair and blue eyes.

The story so far

<< Previous session: Pathfinder session 2: All aboard Next session: Pathfinder session 4: Morilla's Mansion >>

zondag 4 maart 2012

Pre-order DCC RPG and get a free pdf and adventure

If you place your pre-order for the DCC RPG prior to April 1st, you get a copy of a free pdf version of the book and the first 1000 pre-orders also get a free copy of DCC 65.5 Doom of the Savage Kings, a 1st level dungeon crawl. This module will not be available for sale afterwards.

Additionally, Goodman Games also announced a the release of a limited edition of the DCC RPG with a gold foil cover. This book will be a single print run available only at the release of the game. Pre-ordering the gold foil cover also gets you the limited DCC 65.5 Doom of the Savage Kings adventure.