zondag 25 december 2011

D&D Celebrity game Gencon 2010

I stumbled upon this one today and it is hilarious. Check how Ed Greenwood, R.A. Salvatore, Larry Elmore, and three lucky guest players are taken through an encounter of 4E D&D by Gamesmaster Chris Perkins.

And yes, one of the guest players is wearing a shirt that says : No I haven't cast enlarge but thank you for asking.

Part 1 - So even in fourth edition lawful good is lawful stupid

Part 2 - Oh for Pete's sake! Roll initiative!

Part 3 - I wink my eye and deflect the blow.

Part 4 - Curse you and your rules!

Part 5 - Off my crotch you foul beast!

Part 6 - The ass end of the horse is tittering.

Part 7 - I will pat the dwarf on the back and take my skull back. Uh oh.

zaterdag 24 december 2011

Collection update : Call of Cthulhu (2)

This is an addition to my collection of which I'm really proud!

Courting Madness was released by Pagan Publising in 1992. Blair Reynolds' cover caused it to be banned by TSR from Gen Con '92. 200 copies of this one were printed and mine is number 8.

I bought this on a recent Yog Sothoth fundraiser. Below you'll see a nice note by Paul of Cthulhu, written on the inside cover of the packaging.

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Collection update : Kobold Quarterly

Picked these up at the local gamestore.

Kobold Quarterly is an RPG magazine by the Open Design group of Wolfgang Baur. It covers Pathfinder, D&D 4E, Dragon Age, and Open Design's Midgard setting.

vrijdag 23 december 2011

Collection update: Call of Cthulhu

Not really Call of Cthulhu items but I still consider them a part of my Call of Cthulhu collection.

  • Call of Cthulhu Living Card Game Core Set : I played the CoC cardgame back when it was still a CCG. I have a few Magic cards and quite some L5R cards but this was the first card game I actually played and enjoyed. I don't see it being played much anymore in the game store but I still love the game. Hence the purchase of the Core Set of the LCG.
  • Tour de Lovecraft : I enjoy the Cthulhu Mythos fiction a lot. Whether it's releases from Chaosium or Miskatonic River Press doesn't matter. The master himself however I haven't really read so far. Therefore I purchased this book. Kenneth Hite gives comments and insights on H.P Lovecraft's best works. I figure it's a great aid to understanding how those stories fit in the total picture.

donderdag 22 december 2011


Coming January 2012: A Collection of the Award-Winning Cthulhu Mythos Horror Fiction of John Scott Tynes

21 December 2011 — “This is pure evil, pure destruction. This is the apocalypse.” And it’s just getting started. In January 2012, Arc Dream Publishing will release “Delta Green: Strange Authorities,” a collection of the award-winning Cthulhu Mythos horror fiction of John Scott Tynes. It will be available in trade paperback from Amazon.com and Ingram Book Company, and in ebook for Kindle, Nook, iBooks and other devices.

“Delta Green: Strange Authorities” features the complete fiction of John Scott Tynes in the “Delta Green” setting, which explores the cosmic horrors of H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos in a modern world of deadly conspiracies and personal apocalypse. “Delta Green: Strange Authorities” includes the short stories “The Corn King,” “Final Report,” “My Father’s Son,” and “The Dark Above,” and the Origins Award-winning novel “The Rules of Engagement.”

Shane Ivey, editor and president of Arc Dream Publishing, says: “John Scott Tynes’ stories of ‘Delta Green’ are obsidian splinters of fear and beauty. John brings a sense of humanity, of its love and confusion and despair, to the mind-bending terror of the Cthulhu Mythos. These stories have been too hard to find for far too long and I am thrilled to make them available to new readers.”

woensdag 14 december 2011

Collection update : Frog God Games (2)

Today I received two more books from Bill Webb at Frog God Games. The first one is NS1 - Vengeance of the Long Serpent, part 1 of the Northlands saga. The Pathfinder version of this adventure was already discussed in a previous Frog God Games collection update.

The other book is the long awaited Tome of Adventure Design. I discussed the Tome of Adventure Design already in a previous post based on the pdf release I already had. I loved this book and its infinite possibilities and the hardcover is an awesome addition to my collection.

Today I also placed a new order for another 15 books of Frog God Games goodness. Watch out for future updates of my Frog God collection.

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Collection update : Call of Cthulhu - Delta Green

Through a glass darkly arrived last week. This is a new Delta Green novel written by Dennis Detwiller, who is well-known for his work on Delta Green.

This is the limited edition hardcover version made available by Arc Dream Publishing. 1000 copies of the hardcover novel were printed.

This book came to be through a kickstarter project announced in April of this year. Seeing how Delta Green has many fans, I didn't doubt its succes. I made a $35 pledge myself in order to get my hands on the limited edition hardcover. In addition to this, my name is mentioned in the book's list of backers. An additional $25 would have gotten me a copy signed by Detwiller himself but I found that a bit too much money for just an autograph.

14th of December 2012

It will be a long wait but a worthwhile one...

vrijdag 9 december 2011

Pathfinder Online

It wasn't too long ago that Paizo Publishing licensed the MMO rights. After Wizards took D&D online, it was only a matter of time for Paizo to follow suit. In this post Lisa Stevens, Paizo's CEO, comments about making Pathfinder an online computer game.

The Pathfinder Online MMO will be developed by Goblinworks, a company run by Ryan Dancey of TSR and WOTC fame. Here's Ryan Dancey's first blog about the development of the Pathfinder Online MMO.

woensdag 7 december 2011

RPG Goodies November

And November has passed again so let's take a look at some rpg items I find interesting.

Goodman Games

GMG5064 - DCC65 Caves of the Crawling Lord As the crowds of the desert bazaar haggle under wind-torn tents, a cursed rain pours from the sky. Hundreds of grayish worms splatter into pots of rare spice and barrels of imported foods, spreading panic all over the market! Intent on finding the source of this strange curse, the heroes uncover the lost catacombs of a forgotten tiefling kingdom. Soon they are in a realm of madness and entropy ruled by the crawling lord of the caves!

This is a 4E compatible adventure for lvl 8 character. Their next adventure DCC66 The Vampire’s Vengeance will probably be their last release for 4E. As of 2012, the DCC RPG is launched and adventures will be released for their own old school ruleset.

Paizo Publishing

Pathfinder Tales: Death's Heretic is the 6th Pathfinder Tales release and written by James L. Sutter, Paizo's Fiction Editor and co-creator of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game campaign setting.

"Nobody cheats death! A warrior haunted by his past, Salim Ghadafar serves as a problem-solver for a church he hates, bound by the goddess of death to hunt down those who would rob her of her due. Such is the case in the desert nation of Thuvia, where a powerful merchant on the verge of achieving eternal youth via a magical elixir is mysteriously murdered, his soul kidnapped somewhere along its path to the afterlife. The only clue is a magical ransom note, offering to trade the merchant’s successful resurrection for his dose of the fabled potion. But who would have the power to steal a soul from the boneyard of Death herself? Enter Salim, whose keen mind and contacts throughout the multiverse should make solving this mystery a cinch. There's only one problem: The investigation is being financed by Neila Anvanory, the dead merchant's stubborn and aristocratic daughter. And she wants to go with him. Along with his uninvited passenger, Salim must unravel a web of intrigue that will lead them far from the blistering sands of Thuvia on a grand tour of the Outer Planes, where devils and angels rub shoulders with fey lords and mechanical men, and nothing is as it seems..."

Pathfinder Campaign Setting - Book of the Damned—Volume 3: Horsemen of the Apocalypse Since the first spark of mortal life took form, the daemons have sought to extinguish it. Evil in its purest form, these terrors seek nothing less than the end of all existence. Led by the Four Horsemen—War, Famine, Pestilence, and Death—the armies of Abaddon work to corrupt, consume, and destroy everything around them. Perfect nihilists, the daemons seek only to be the last entities looking down on the dying cinders of the cosmos before they themselves are consumed, and only darkness remains.

Within this book, you’ll find complete descriptions of the Four Horsemen and their armies of soul-devouring daemon servitors, an overview of the wasteland realm of Abaddon, the daemon-worshiping souldrinker prestige class, new daemonic spells and magic items, and much more...

Pathfinder Adventure Path - Jade Regent 4 : Forest of Spirits The heroes finally reach the distant land of Tian Xia, only to once again attract the attention of the oni of the Five Storms. But not everyone wants them dead—the heroes must meet a mysterious woman named Miyaro who promises to lead them to allies deep in the Forest of Spirits. These mysterious spiritual guardians—known as kami—reveal that the oni of the Five Storms once dwelt in a fortress known as the House of Withered Blossoms, deep in the forest. Much can be learned at this fortress, but a few of the old inhabitants remain…

A Pathfinder Roleplaying Game adventure for 10th-level characters, this volume continues the Jade Regent Adventure Path, a sweeping quest that takes the heroes from familiar territory in Varisia all the way across the ice fields of the Crown of the World to distant Tian Xia, the land of the Dragon Empires. This volume of Pathfinder Adventure Path also features an investigation of the strange spiritual creatures known as kami, as well as a larger article that explores the most notorious ninja clans of the empire of Minkai. Plus several new monsters drawn from Japanese mythology in the Pathfinder Bestiary, new adventures of Varian Jeggare and Radovan (stars of the Pathfinder Tales novels Prince of Wolves and Master of Devils) in the Pathfinder’s Journal, and much more!

Bethesda Game Studios

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Enough said

Wizards of the Coast

317310000 - Heroes of the Feywild Player’s Option: Heroes of the Feywild enables players to weave elements of the Feywild into their existing and future characters, in much the same way that Player’s Option: Heroes of Shadow gave players reasons to explore their characters’ dark connections to the Shadowfell.

This book contains exciting new character builds and options that are thematically rooted to the Feywild, a wild and verdant plane of arcane splendor, full of dangerous and whimsical creatures. Characters who trace their origins or backgrounds to the Feywild gain access to unique feats, powers, and mechanics. The book explores what makes fey-themed characters so fun and distinct.

dinsdag 29 november 2011

Collection update : D&D

For someone from Belgium this should normally not be a rare find but nevertheless I had never seen these before.

So without further ado, the newest item in my collection : D&D Basis set.

This is the dutch version of the D&D Basic Set by Selecta from 1988. I won both of them in the same auction. One set is still in shrink, the other is open but has near mint books and dice still in the original bag. Also included is a small Selecta gamescatalog and a flyer for the Palantir Fantasy Roleplaying Club.

zaterdag 19 november 2011

Happy birthday Call of Cthulhu

On the 13th of November, Chaosium's Call of Cthulhu celebrated its 30th birthday. 30 years of sanity reducing adventures in a world based on the stories of HP Lovecraft.

It all started with this box right here, Call of Cthulhu's 1st edition Boxed Set

The above is my copy which is still in its original shrinkwrap.

For its 30th anniversary, Chaosium decided to release a limited edition version of the current ruleset. Below some pictures of the book. Seeing some numbers on the forums, I would estimate about 3000 copies were printed of this book.

Basically the book looks exactly the same as the 20th anniversary edition. The only differences are the cover, the paper thickness, and a greyscale print instead of the sepiastyle print of the 20th anniversary edition.

Now we'll take a look at the French version.

This is just an incredibly beautiful book and you might think : "Well, the French went all-out for this limited edition". Wrong. This is the regular version of the book. I repeat. This is not a limited edition. This is what new Call of Cthulhu players and dungeon masters get in their hands in France. Even the English speaking Call of Cthulhu community is going wild over this book, even to the point where they'd prefer to buy this book instead of a new rules incarnation of Chaosium.

I really hope Chaosium draws a valuable lesson from this. Books can be made attractive and they will sell. The Call of Cthulhu community have always envied the German books, now they can envy the French edition as well and soon a gorgeous Spanish edition will be added to that list.

vrijdag 18 november 2011

Collection Update : TSR Merchandise

Three more items made it into my collection.

AD&D Wallet by Larami. Larami had a TSR license in the early 80ies and produced items such as handheld pinball games, a flashlight, pencil sharpeners, frisbees, and a bubbleblower. The wallet is from 1983 and still in it's original packaging.

The Forest of Enchantment and The Treasure of Time are two storybooks that were produced in 1983 in conjuction with Marvel Books.

Collection Update : Die Cast Games

Well here it is finally. The newest release from Die Cast Games has made it into my collection.

ACM1 The Kingslayers is an adventure for 6th-8th level characters, who are supposed to retrieve the Kingslayers, twin daggers of great power and intent to kill those who rule. The king's advisor then wants the characters to travel across the planes to the Chaos forge and destroy the daggers.

This is Die Cast Games' second release. Their first release, Insidious, caused a lot of upheaval in the rpg community and resulted in a Cease & Desist letter from Wizards of the Coast. Both the 'banned' 1st print and the 2nd print of this module are in my collection as well.

zaterdag 12 november 2011

Collection update : Frog God Games

I have received some new stuff from Frog God Games.

  • Splinters of Faith 5 : Eclipse of the Hearth for Swords & Wizardry and Pathfinder
  • Splinters of Faith 6 : Morning of Tears for Swords & Wizardry and Pathfinder
  • Splinters of Faith 7 : The Heir of Sin for Swords & Wizardy and Pathfinder
  • The Northlands Saga : Vengeance of the Long Serpent for Pathfinder
Splinters of Faith is a collection of 10 adventures that can be played individually or as a complete campaign. A grave robber has restored a death-cult leader to life and evil spreads across the land. The characters will have to visit several temples and shrines to look for pieces of the Scepter of Faiths, the only way to destroy this evil.

The Northlands Saga is also planned as a collection of 10 adventures for both the Swords & Wizardry and Pathfinder system. The first adventure, Vengeance of the Long Serpent, takes the characters to the frozen north to face a reawakened dark god and his cult.

dinsdag 1 november 2011

Campaigns & Adventures: Pathfinder - Session 0: Character write-up Henricus Janovius Corentyn

It seems I will be playing in a number of Pathfinder sessions so it's time to think up a character. Below is what I'm thinking of playing, pending DM's approval of course.


Henricus Janovius Corentyn is the youngest son of the Corentyn family. Having 3 older brothers and a sister vying for a future inheritance, his chances of actually taking over his father's estate are rather slim. The Corentyn family, who claims to trace their lineage back to nobles stationed in Corentyn when it was founded in 1520 by General Coren of the third exploration army, has taken up residence in Westpark, in Taldan's capital Oppara.

As a child Henricus was always the one being blamed for the mischief that happened in and around the house, even if he didn't cause any. Henricus was mostly left to his own devices, and to the whims of the maid and his private tutors. Only one person in the household really cared for Henricus: Argonius the falconer. He took the young lad into the forests with him, taught him the tracks of different animals, how to care for animals, and how to make use of their corpses.

At the age of eight, Henricus was already an accomplished 'stuffer' of mice and other vermin, much to the dismay of the rest of the family. At the age of ten, his father Domenicus enrolled him in the Kitharodian academy. Henricus didn't care much for song, dance, or play, but he showed great talent in the visual arts department and his teachers were more than happy to fan that spark of creativity. His graduation piece, a painting of Aroden raising the Starstone from the ocean's depth and founding Absolom, is currently still displayed in the Academy's main hall, a great honor for such a young artist.

Having just graduated from the academy, Henricus is ready for a life of adventure. He heard many stories about Absolom and can't wait to dive headfirst into that melting pot of all Golarion has to offer.


Henricus is a male human of Taldan descent, with a tanned skin, long blonde-brown hair, grey eyes, and a short-trimmed immaculately groomed beard. His attire depends on his whereabouts; on the road he'll travel in light armor, wearing a dark longcoat and tricorn hat, elsewhere he'll strictly follow the latest fashion trends Oppara has to offer. On the road he'll always have his trusted falcata and crossbow present, on more formal occasions he'll wear an ornate rapier or sword cane. Around his neck dangles a silver necklace showcasing three symbols, a winged eye flanked by a songbird and key.

Game Mechanics

The character will have to be a bit of a jack-of-all-trades, making it a multi-class character. Rogue and ranger will be the meat of the character, with perhaps one or two bard and or sorcerer levels. I briefly considered the Lion Blade prestige class but that doesn't really fit with the rest of the concept. The Loremaster prestige class sounded more fitting but it turns out to be way too arcane for my taste.

Interesting skills : Profession (Taxidermist), Craft (Drawing/Painting), Knowledge (Monsters)

Interesting feats : Noble Scion (ISWG), Rapid Reload (ISWG), Scholar (ISWG), Taldan Duelist (ISWG), Crossbow Mastery (APG), Focused Shot (APG), Parting Shot (APG), Point Blank Master (APG), Point Blank (Core), Improved Initiative (Core), Precise Shot (Core), Quickdraw (Core), Rapid Shot (Core), Weapon Focus (Core).


I want the character to be a mix of Viktor Pendrake from the Iron Kingdoms RPG and Gregoire de Fronsac from Brotherhood of the Wolf. I want him to be a scholar on the subject of monster lore. Henricus will be the author of an ingame Bestiary, study different monsters, hunt them down, kill them, and then dissect them and sketch everything in the smallest details.

This will enable him to lead a bit of a dual lifestyle, one in the wilds as a scholar with a hands-on approach, one amongst nobility as a teller of many tales, or a painter of great talent. Of course he wouldn't mind appeasing a noble's request to deliver hunting trophies, making them a bit more terrifying in the process, nor would he mind assisting a party of adventurers in an advisory role. And all this for a favor or two in return, nothing major of course.

Gregoire de FronsacGregoire de FronsacViktor Pendrake

The story so far

Next : Pathfinder session 1: Character Creation >>

zondag 30 oktober 2011

RPG Goodies October

So it's the end of October. Let's see what's new on the market. Of course I'm not able to highlight every single new item on the RPG market so I'll just concentrate on things that I'm interested in.


CHA0406 - Dead Leaves Fall For children, Halloween brings to mind candy and costumes, wearing a mask and saying the magic words “trick or treat. For some adults Halloween is a time of physical and spiritual transition. The earth is shedding its skin like dead leaves falling, and men reflect in fear on the past gone by. It is a time when the connection between our meaningless existence and the damned is at its closest.

This is an anthology of nine adventures (Fear in a bottle, The Lock-in, The Ilsley Variant, The confessions of St. Augustine, Chapter CCLXVIII, The Great Old Ones on the Great White Way, The Costume Party, Lemuralia, 13 Black Candles, and Dead Leaves Fall) by the winners of the 2011 Chaosium Halloween Adventure contest.

CHA0405 - Colonial Terrors Colonial Terrors is a Call of Cthulhu campaign taking place in New England just prior to the American Revolution. The investigators are patriot smugglers. In this Age of Enlightenment great progress is made in science, politics, and philosophy. Many, but not all, of the shackles of previous eras are shaken free. This is a land where old gods grow new again.
CHA0403 - The Sevenfold Path The Sevenfold Path is a sourcebook and campaign for classic-era Call of Cthulhu. Investigators will travel to 1920s Iceland, be introduced to the legend of Olaf Ulfsson, and investigate the ruins of the abandoned Third Cloister. The encounter rival lodges of the theosophy movemenet in Reykjavik, and get a chance to butt heads with some of the proto-Nazis of the Thule Gesellschaft. It they are not wise and clever, they will be dead or corrupted.
CHA0402pdf - The Gods Hate Me This Cthulhu Invictus supplement offers seven adventures exploring the people and times of ancient Rome — mythic and Mythos-infected by the authors of Chaosium’s first Cthulhu Invictus adventure-writing contest.

Kobold Quarterly

Red Eye of Azathoth pdf Kings die, nations crumble, and madness trails in the fiery wake of a comet called The Red Eye of Azathoth. Do you have what it takes to battle across history against the Mythos horrors that surface under its lurid glow? Take your players to the mad reaches of our past and into epic horror, complete with player handouts, new adversaries, and pregenerated Investigators for each time period. Five linked Call of Cthulhu adventures by Chad Bowser, Tim and Eileen Connors, Andi Newton, Ted Reed, and Michael Furlanetto to make even strong investigators tremble!

Mongoose Publishing

MGP6194 - Designers & Dragons Compiled over many years from hundreds of interviews and research projects, this book is a history of the roleplaying game industry, and forms the most complete record of all the games, companies and talented individuals that have propelled roleplaying games to where they are today.

Rather than being a simple, linear history, this book takes a unique perspective on the roleplaying industry. Reflecting that it is the creation of thousands of talented individuals and scores of talented companies, this book instead devotes individual sections to describing the histories and products of almost 60 different companies that have published roleplaying games from 1974 to the present day. The companies are laid out in a chronology based on when each began publishing in the roleplaying field.

Paizo Publishing

The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Beginner Box is packed with everything you need to get started with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, an imaginative tabletop fantasy adventure game for 2–5 players. Scores of monsters, challenges, and advice give gamers the tools to create their own worlds and adventure, providing countless hours of gaming excitement. With streamlined rules and a focus on action-packed heroic adventure, this deluxe boxed set is the ideal introduction to the world of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, and the best starting point for a lifetime of pulse-pounding adventure! It comes with a 64-page Hero’s Handbook, a 96-page Game Master’s Guide, a complete set of 7 high-impact polyhedral dice, more than 80 full-color pawns depicting tons of heroes, monsters, and even a fearsome black dragon, four pregenerated character sheets, four blank character sheets, and a durable, reusable, double-sided Flip-Mat play surface that works with any kind of marker.
Pathfinder Player Companion - Faiths of Corruption Morality is the shield of the weak. Followers of the evil gods know the truth—that the world is a harsh and uncaring place, and that only strength and cunning matter. From the crafty acolytes of the assassin god Norgorber to the howling hordes of Lamashtu the Demon Queen, the servants of dark gods need not fear the night, for they strive to be the most terrifying thing in it. Some may seek to justify their actions, yet others flock to blood-soaked banners with bitter joy, desiring nothing more than the chance to join in the fiery destruction of all things.

Faiths of Corruption presents a player-friendly overview of the evil-aligned religions and faiths of the Pathfinder campaign setting, along with new rules and information to help players customize pious characters in both flavor and mechanics.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting - Lands of the Linnorm Kings In the savage north lies a realm where only those who slay mighty draconic linnorms are fit to rule. Where giants and trolls dwell just beyond the veneer of civilization, lying in wait to attack any who tread too far into the wild. Where the magical influence of the First World of the fey hides just beyond a thin layer of reality. Where barbarians, berserkers, and raiders constitute civilization, and the weak serve the strong. These are the fabled, savage, and noble Lands of the Linnorm Kings.

Lands of the Linnorm Kings presents a comprehensive overview of these mighty kingdoms, a realm of powerful viking kings, capricious fey, and savage beasts.
Pathfinder Adventure Path - Jade Regent 3 : The Hungry Storm Though few would call the Crown of the World hospitable, the PCs have no choice but to brave this icy frontier if they are to get Ameiko to Minkai. As they battle their way past the fell beasts that inhabit the arctic wasteland, the heroes must unravel the mystery of the supernatural blizzards that have been plaguing the polar icecap, ultimately confronting the dark and otherworldly force behind the treacherous gales. Will the adventurers survive the terrors of the Crown of the World long enough to remedy the curse that haunts it? Or will they succumb to the icy wastes, as have so many before them?

Pelgrane Press

PELGT24D - The Apocalypse Machine pdf On November 2nd, 1936, the world died. Humanity perished, women and men died in their millions. Finally, the stars had come right, and the things that had lurked under the seas for eons rose to claim their rightful place. Now, they rule the earth, stalking it like titans. Yet you survived this destruction. Some miracle or design left you alive to watch the destruction of everything humanity built. You are doomed to wander the devastated ruins, discovering what little you can. What went wrong? Are there others like you? How can you stay alive? Can you fight back? And, most importantly of all, is there a way to put this right?

The Apocalypse Machine continues the investigations of Trail of Cthulhu in a post-apocalyptic world. In these pages, you will find instructions on designing your own apocalypse; new Occupations, Skills and Drives, and explanations of how the old ones function in this post-apocalyptic world; and many ways for the Mythos to take over.
PELGT25D - Many Fires pdf Many Fires is a rip-roaring Pulp adventure for Trail of Cthulhu from Jason Morningstar, award-winning author of The Black Drop and creator of Fiasco. Taking place in the hills and valleys of the Mexican state of Chihuahua, it will introduce the Investigators to a surprising cast of characters and strange new weapons to employ in an epic struggle against an implacable and deadly enemy known as Kųų łą́.

Many Fires contains extensive handouts, maps of the region, a treasure trove of fantastic GM advice, and six pre-generated characters, each with a terrifying secret.

Wizards of the Coast

355940000 - The Legend of Drizzt Board Game The adventures of Drizzt Do’Urden, as told in the New York Times best-selling Forgotten Realms novels by R.A. Salvatore, come to life in this thrilling board game. Take on the role of the legendary drow ranger or one of his famous adventuring companions, battle fearsome foes, and win treasure and glory.

Designed for 1–5 players, this board game features multiple scenarios, challenging quests, and cooperative game play. The contents of this game can also be combined with other D&D Adventure System Cooperative Play board games, including Castle Ravenloft and Wrath of Ashardalon, to create an even more exciting experience.