donderdag 20 oktober 2011

Spiel Essen 2011 (1)

Today I travelled to the Spiel Gamefair in Essen, a place that I visit every year. Every year I get the impression that there's less and less things for me to see there and still I return.

The hall with all the RPG stuff wasn't used fully anymore this year. I heard from some friends that apparently some very big LARP stores didn't have a booth at the fair. The booth of my choosing however is being done by Malcolm from the UK who I know from the Acaeum collector's forum. He's the guy with all the goodies. Or at least one of the only booths left who still has a decent selection of 1st & 2nd edition D&D. And much more of course. Last year I found Pagan's Unspeakable Oath 1 and Stark Raving Mad at his booth. Both were from the personal collection of John Tynes himself and signed.

So what did I pick up this year :
  • CoC 2388 Keeper's Companion Vol 1
  • CoC 3308 HPL Dreamlands
  • CoC 2358 Ye booke of monstres II
  • CoC TOME Pursuit to Kadath
  • CoC 2336 Edition 5.1.2
  • CoC 2318 Statue of the sorcerer/Vanishing Conjurer
  • CoC 2354 Taint of Madness
  • CoC 2308 Trail of Tsathogghua
  • CoC Pagan Unspeakable Oath 13
  • CoC Pagan Unspeakable Oath 14/15
  • CoC 2336 Edition 5.1
  • CoC 23114 Secrets of New Orleans
  • CoC 23116 Arkham Now
  • D20 DD43 Legends & Lairs - Giant Lore
  • D20 DD41 Legends & Lairs - School of Evocation
  • D20 DD38 Legends & Lairs - School of Illusion
  • D20 MN05 Midnight - City of Shadow
  • D20 MN06 Midnight - Sorcery and shadow
  • D20 MN18 Midnight - Honor and shadow
  • D20 MN01 Midnight 1st edition
  • D20 MN11 Midnight 2nd edition
  • D20 MN09 Midnight - Fury of shadow Boxed Set

The Call of Cthulhu stuff up to and including the Unspeakable Oaths I bought at Malcolm's booth with prices ranging from 10-40 euro. The other 3 Call of Cthulhu books I picked up at Brave World Distribution but they didn't have any discounts unfortunately. Then I was informed that Fantasy Flight, who didn't have a booth in the RPG hall, had some cheap RPG stuff as well so I headed over there and indeed (Thanks Michel). I picked up 6 soft cover modules (Midnight + Legends & Lairs D20) for 2 euro each, and the 2 core Midnight setting books and an SW Midnight Boxed Set for 6 euro each.

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