vrijdag 7 juni 2013

Cthulhu Wars kickstarter is live!

In my previous post about Cthulhu Wars, Sandy explained the basics of the game. On the Cthulhu Wars Facebook page, the team has been sharing beautiful artwork and miniature close-ups and then came the countdown.

The Cthulhu Wars kickstarter just went live and is already close to being funded. I'm a bit surprised they decided to start this one while the Call of Cthulhu 7th edition kickstarter is also still in full swing but hey, Cthulhu cultists are loyal fans and they'll eat dry bread and water to get these games.

Ok, so it has been funded while I was typing this. I'm sure Sandy is pretty excited right now !

Make ready for the end of the world and join the Cthulhu Wars kickstarter.

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